Maplas was founded in 1999 from the twenty-year experience of technicians, formed in leading companies of the sector, in designing machinery for tube and profile machining, such as haul-offs, saws, belling machines, tilters, and special machinery.

It is owing to this experience that we decided to dedicate ourselves, besides to the production of new special machines, to second-hand market, not as simple dealers but as specialized technicians in machinery revisions.

Our goal is to distinguish ourselves from the various competitors of the sector for product quality type, which we are sure to be able to offer.

Most of the machines we buy and resell, or simply revise on behalf of customers, are renewed by us, that is completely disassembled, cleaned, revarnished, and reassembled by replacing all the worn and not functioning components and, where it is required, all the guards for making the machines safe for their users are added.

For this reason we can offer a warranty on machines.

Moreover, we can offer a great post-sales technical support and supply for all the spare parts required for the maintenance of the machinery.